Music In Italy

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Music in Italy has a history ranging back as far as the year 230 AD. But let’s not take it year by year and instead generalize. We will just say before 1500. Music around this time was mainly religion oriented. One of the first signs of music in Italy was the chanting of Alleluia after recitation of Psalms. More hymns began to show up in 386.

However, true music did not develop until the time between the 7th and 12th centuries. During this time, plainsong was created. Around 1000, the Guidonian Hand was created. This was the early version of a musical staff. By the 15th century, music compositions were becoming more and more common.

Next, we move on to the 16th century: the Renaissance Era. During this time, poly choral and baroque music started to become popular. In the 1520s, madrigals came about and started Madrigalism. A madrigal is a type of music in which emotion is expressed in each line of a work. The 17th century, part of the Baroque Era, madrigals began to disappear as opera came into play. Inspired by the Greek's staged works with musical context, the Italians created opera. Venice, Rome, and Naples were the three key cities in the start of opera.

Musical Baroque also began showing up in the 17th century as well. Musical Baroque, instrumental and orchestral music grew in popularity. Alessandro Scarlatti and Antonio Vivaldi were very important composers during the Baroque Era. Opera houses were constructed in Naples and Milan in the 18th century: The San Carlo Theater and La Scala, respectively. Following the Baroque Era was the Classical Era.

In the 19th century, it was romanticism in Italy. Italian literature, art, and music were greatly sought over. Opera continued to remain popular an...

... middle of paper ... from 433 B.C., and electric and acoustic Zithers exist as well. Those who play Zithers are known as Zitherists.

The sacred music in Italy often changes out for styles that are more popular. A while back, were the Gregorian chant and Renaissance polyphony. However, they were eventually swapped out for more operatic and entertaining types of music. In addition, music and politics were much intertwined. There was music for courts, coronations, birth of an heir, marches, and many other occasions. Italian music is localized to regions or cities.

Today, Italian music has modernized, with Italian rap and rock. Both the rap and the rock took their cues from the USA. The rap sound and styles mirror those in America, but the lyrics concentrate on Italian social critiques.

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