Music Education Should music education be cut out of the school budget?

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Can music be a distraction to other students working in classrooms? Can music change how a person thinks or feels? Is music a different medium that one can learn from? Are music education cuts robbing students of the opportunity to learn and grow through a different medium? These are all questions that one should take into consideration when they are thinking about cutting music education from the schools. There are many roles that music education can take; roles in society, and involving jobs and extra activities for the young and the old. Another role music takes on is music education in school. Music can help a student to focus on their work better while learning, counting, and as well as developing new languages that are taught in choir. The third role music has is in developing intelligence. When a person is reading music they are activating many parts of their brain. The final way is success in life, when music strengthens what one knows of life and culture.

Music is the fabric of our society. Every human culture uses music to carry forward its thoughts and ideas. The value of music shapes individual abilities and character. Music is about communication, creativity, and working together with others to create music. By studying music in school, students have the opportunity to strengthen these skills, enrich their lives, and experience the world from a new perspective. Students can learn things with many different viewpoints. From the music point of view, one can link a familiar song with new information to help remember things they have learned. The ability to read music is a great advantage if a child is interested in choir, theatre and/or acting. Another perspective would be through fine art classes. Some classes can he...

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...e an opportunity for students to become more mature emotionally and mentally, it also provides them with the possibility for a career in music. Without these options, some very talented young people may not realize their gift and passion that they may have in music.

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