Music Censorship Importance

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Censorship can be beneficial in some aspects but if used improperly it can also be harmful. Censorship is the control of what people may say or hear, write or read, or see or do. Censorship can affect all forms of art, music, speech, and expression. It can be seen as a means of suppressing free speech, especially in the case of musical lyrics and the impact music has on behaviors. According to Richard Taruskin, “It is all but irresistible kinesthetic response that music evokes that makes it such a potent influence on behavior, thence on morals and beliefs.” Therefore he justifies the need to censor music in order to prevent or reduce the negative behaviors associated with the influence of music lyrics. However, censorship diminishes an artist’s…show more content…
Censoring robs the artist’s ownership, message, and influences artists to violate their values. A social “norm” of morals developed and monitored by the government is an unrealistic ideal, everyone has a voice and a right to use it. The rock classic originally called "Brown Skinned Girl," is about an interracial relationship. Jim Morrison changed the title because he believed it would make it more radio-friendly. Some stations banned the song anyway for the line, "making love in the green grass." However, an edited version was released, later on, changing it to "laughin' and a-runnin', hey, hey." Rock stations everywhere now play "Brown Eyed Girl" consistently.

Doesn't freedom of expression apply to both perspectives? Freedom of expression for ourselves requires freedom of expression for others. A free society is based on the principle that each and every individual has the right to decide what art or entertainment he or she wants or does not want to receive or create. Once you allow the government to censor someone else, you cede to it the the power to censor you, or something you
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