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It all started the first year of high school when I came to my first class, Beginner’s Orchestra. It was an unexpected class in my schedule. When I told my teacher that I did not ask for an orchestra class, she told me that I should take this challenge. Back in elementary school, I was in an afterschool program which offered violin lessons. I remember learning the basics of the instrument such the scales and the hot cross buns song was something that I am sure I mastered. Unfortunately, in middle school, I was placed in a class where we had chorus as a music class instead. This hiatus made me forget about the enjoyment of playing music. In my final year of high school, I have been learning and practicing the violin every day. Even though I am not at the highest level, I continue to work my hardest to become more proficient. I still need to work on perfecting techniques such as my hand eye coordination or vibrato, the …show more content…

For me, playing violin is both a physical and a mental workout. The process of making your own music gives me the sense of excitement and achievement. During the winter season, we get to play Christmas songs such as We Wish You a Very Christmas or Ukrainian Bell Carol to get into the holiday spirit. In addition, performing in front of the entire school and being applauded give me the feeling of accomplishment. At first, I thought orchestra class would be a distraction to my academics. After years of playing, I have noticed that playing the violin has only helped me. For example, it allowed me to concentrate more on my studies and it relieved my stress from my school work. Furthermore, orchestra class helped me connect with other musicians who have similar interests. Playing with a class of around sixty students is an experience that I will not forget. When I along with other violinists play along with the cellists and violists, we produce such a rich, harmonic, and melodic

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how their first class, beginner's orchestra, was an unexpected class in their schedule. when they told their teacher that they didn't ask for an orchestra, she told them to take this challenge.
  • Recalls learning the basics of the violin in elementary school, but a hiatus in middle school made them forget about playing music.
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