Music And Power: The Power Of Music

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Music Holds Power Throughout the ages, music has been an integral part of individuals and society. Why has this practice withstood the tests of time? I believe it is because of the great power that it holds. I believe in that power. Music lifts the broken-hearted, celebrates with the joyful, can soften the hearts of the most impenetrable of souls, aides in expressing the inexpressible, and can even intensify feelings of love, hate, anger, joy, happiness, and intrigue. Music serves as one of the most effective forms of expression, communication, and therapy that we have. Years ago, my world was shattered and my heart was broken into a million pieces. I honestly did not know how I would ever heal. Even though time does eventually heal all hearts (or at least dull the pain), I was completely lost as to how I would even survive from day to day. A dagger was constantly sharp and throbbing in my chest; hands were squeezing cruelly around my lungs; my mind raced to try to find some corner of thought that would bring relief, but to no avail. One particularly hard moment was while captive in a car with other people. Social norms dictated that I could not completely fall apart in their presence. Finally, I was given control of the music. Even though up to this point I was unable to listen to music without it bringing more pain, this time I gently…show more content…
I found myself listening to David Archuleta’s song, “Glorious,” which served as a soothing balm on my troubled heart, as I worried over my child’s bully and what to do about it. Before listening to the song, “momma bear” was threatening to come out, full force. But after listening to this glorious song, I felt peace and calm, and the music communicated to me that even the bully and his mother are glorious. I felt better able to deal with the issue at hand in a respectful and mutually beneficial

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