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Music has been affecting society throughout history. Music has been around since the beginning of time. The influence of music on modern society can be easily seen today. It has been proven that music has many influences on humans in positive and negative ways. Music has been proven to alter a person’s mood, and has shown to cause physical responses in many people simultaneously. The mind is able to concentrate better, as the body becomes more relaxed and alert. Technology has greatly affected the musical effect on the brain and the way society views, absorbs, and creates music. Scientist has proven that humans have responded to music ever since birth. Elena Mannes, a brain scientist, has recorded the relationship with music throughout a human’s lifetime. Mannes even went far enough to say that the cries of babies just a few weeks old were discovered to have some intervals common to western music. She also states that scientists believe music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function. With this knowledge, she sees that music has so much potential when it comes to affecting the brain and how it works.One main area of the brain music can have a real effect on is neurological deficits (Mannes INT). For example, if a patient who just had a stroke occur and lost verbal functions, those functions can be stimulated by music. This is known as melodic intonation therapy and it could help patients regain speech. The human brain is split into two parts, the left and right hemisphere. The right hemisphere has been traditionally thought of to be the “seat of music appreciation.” However, the right side has not been proven for that role in any way (Joelving INT). One important thing to realize is just how the brain brea... ... middle of paper ... exactly how strong the power of music is and will become in the future. There have been many studies that have proven this. For example, a study shows that students who study music in high school make better grades than those who do not. The reasoning for this is that listening to music makes you think more efficiently and improves your memory. Society has relied on music so greatly that without music life would change as we know it today. Every culture that has been created throughout history has some form of music, showing that music is fundamental to life. Even though people think of music as just entertainment it is really goes much deeper. Music is now being used as therapy which is radicalizing the way people think of sound. People can lower their blood pressure, find happiness through depression, and recover through major surgery all by the power of music.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how the brain breaks down and interprets music. the auditory cortex is crucial for getting pitch, timbre, and rhythm. music therapy is used to change behaviors and improve everyday life.
  • Explains that the music factor improves the efficiency of how the brain transfers information, thus improving memory for the patients.
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