Music: A Worldwide Language

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The language of music is known and spoken by many people around this world. Despite the different styles and types of music, people from countries everywhere can connect with the rhythms, dynamics and stories that are told through music. Schools and education programs have discussed the philosophy behind the relation with teaching music and students ability to excel in their academics. Not only have they examined the effect or relationship that learning a fine art has on a students grades, but they have also studied the effect it has on peoples lives. In studies done by a variety of scientists, there has been a constant outcome that those who have studied music have also excelled in academics. David J. Skorton said that by studying music and the arts “They help us explore what it means to be human” and although some may disagree, music is more than just sound.
Young aspiring musicians can begin studying music at the ripe age of five. It is during these early years that they develop their basic knowledge of music which they later develop into sound understanding. These young musicians usually choose to pursue a career in music, whether it be in a teaching setting or as a performance major. Even though music is a career path it can also be an educational experience for any person, despite their career aspirations. The study of music is proven to develope both sides of the brain--unlike math or science, which focus mainly on the left side of the brain. Having the opportunity to express yourself and learn about musical creativity promotes the right brain development. Where as the technical aspects of music--learning to read music or understand key signatures--help develope the left side of the brain. Exercising the brain through stu...

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... orchestras. He learn the meaning of responsibility when he is given the solo in a concert piece. These young musicians learn these things and other beneficial attributes. Not only do they apply what they learn to music, but they also apply them to school and work, causing them to become more successful people.
Music is more than just sound, it is a way to learn and grow in life. Each student should have the option to study a classical instrument, if not for the music then for the knowledge that it brings. Music is a way to fill emptiness in peoples lives. It can bring a sense of meaning and purpose because of the joy it brings to others. Even if someones career path isn’t in music, studying it can help them develop traits that are helpful in everyday situations.

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