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Hip-Hop Getting a Bad Rap Among many problems in society today, rap music is being blamed for the confusion of America's youths. One key problem is the way a child is raised. Not having a positive role model can have a powerful effect on a child. The other dilemma is the type of rap music. Gangster rapper's lyrics seem to corrupt and have a negative image on a youth's mind. Two possible steps to taking the blame away from rap music is by placing the spotlight on other influences such as friends and even the family as the source of confusion. The other by promoting rap artists whose lyrics has a positive message. The nation's youth are experiencing pain and confusion; and they need someone to look up to. In today's society, this figure is often a rapper, a gangster rapper. Gangster rappers feel they have something to say; and unfortunately some young, impressionable minds are listening.

Gangster rappers Snoop Doggy Dogg's song "Serial Killa" and N.W.A.'s song "F--- Tha Police" have extremely explicit lyrics promoting violence. Snoop Doggy Dogg and Eazy-E (formerly a member of N.W.A.) are known for their affiliation with gangs from the West Coast. Snoop Doggy Dogg is known for his association with the Long Beach Insane Crips; and Eazy-E is a member of the Kelly Park Crips (Net). This violence along with the degrading of women is what gives rap a bad name. The majority of gangster rap songs have some form of degrading lyrics. Take the song "B-----s Ain't S-...
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