Musculoskeletal System versus Nervous System

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The human body is made up of multiple systems that work within each other, but having their own jobs do to. Two examples of such systems are the musculoskeletal system give the body the ability to contract all the muscles. The nervous system is able to send messages through a system of wires in the body. The musculoskeletal system and the nervous system differ from one another yet connect through the process of movement throughout the human body.
Musculoskeletal system provides the ability for movement. Therefore, the musculoskeletal system is composed of multiple different muscles that have a certain way of working. Anyhow, the workings of the muscles have different stages that every muscle must go through to complete a certain task. As a matter of fact, all muscles have the ability to contract and exert a pulling force. For this reason, the muscle contractions are part of every person’s movement of a certain body part. Because of this, the muscle contractions are formed fibers packed within each other to form a rod like myofibrils that contain two types of protein filaments. Also, both of these protein filaments (myosin and actin) help contract the muscle fibers. In consideration of this, when the muscle receives nerve impulses, the protein filaments contract thus making the muscle contract within the body. Furthmore, muscle mechanics play a part in this system. Hence, the mechanics are organized in specific ways that make the tendons attach muscles to bones. In like manner, tendons are compacted tough cords that connect the muscle to bone. They operate as lever systems to move a certain body part. In addition, the muscles work as opponents with opposing result to generate a wide range of controlled movements.
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.... In collaboration of the systems; movement is with every step or decision a person makes with their body.
As a matter of fact the human body consists of different systems, but there is a distinct way of explaining how each one has its own functions while having their similarities. The musculoskeletal system provides the ability for movement with bones, joints and the skeleton all working together. The nervous system provides the five senses and one of the commutation systems in the human body. I believe that the musculoskeletal system is the better of the two in the human body. I think this because everyone needs a skeleton for their body to even stand. The muscles help contract for movement. Also the joints help by contributing flexibility and the connection of bones. In addition, the musculoskeletal system is able to enhance the body with the mechanics of it.

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