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Muscle Pharm and IMC The supplement industry is saturated with companies that claim to enhance your muscles and performance. In this field there is one company that stands out among consumers and athletes alike. Muscle Pharm does not make promises it cannot deliver, there unique marketing makes them stand out compared to other supplement companies. They have won brand of the year The Muscle Pharm website first starts out with Colin Kaepernick, 49’ers Quarterback, and a picture of how Muscle Pharm has helped him achieve his NFL dream. It then goes on to ask “what athlete are you?” The website design is strategic in that it shows all their athletes, partnerships, events, retailers, and even diet plans all in one spot; essentially everything you need to live a healthy lifestyle is on that website. Their social media, Facebook and Twitter, is very engaged with the consumer. On both sites they post coupons, deals, retweets and actually hold conversations with their customers and cater to the needs. Twitter has a following of over 300 thousand while Facebook has around 400 thousand. Instagram is not as prevalent with only 100 thousand although Instagram does something unique. They go around taking pictures with stores around the country who carry their items which bring great awareness; here they also give shout-outs to their new athletes and feature consumers in their gear. Sponsorships are very prevalent with NFL players and UFC fighters who actively use social media which is another way of exposure. Key athletes have included Anderson Silva, Rampage Jackson, Clay Guida, and Rashad Evans. When it comes to the NFL which is a bigger audience they have sponsored Colin Kaepernick, Chris Johnson, Laron Landry, Patrick Willis, and most imp... ... middle of paper ... ...ation yet I have not seen them on many college campuses. I know they have college reps but a bit more brand awareness can go a long way; they could even co design shirts with the schools mascot. Works Cited Cory Gregory. (n.d.). MusclePharm. Retrieved January 28, 2014, from Brad Pyatt. (n.d.). Forbes. Retrieved January 28, 2014, from Company of the Month. (n.d.). Supplement Company of the Month: Muscle Pharm. Retrieved January 28, 2014, from Muscle Pharm dropping NSF certifications, not NSF dropping them. (2012, June 5). Stack3d Supplement News. Retrieved January 28, 2014, from
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