Murders of Jack the Ripper

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Murders of Jack the Ripper

Despite the many murders that occurred frequently in Eastend in the

1880’s, Ripper’s murders were said to be ‘singular’ and ‘peculiar’

which suggests that it was unique and that the method of murder was

very different. The phrases ‘extraordinary violence’ and ‘excess of

effort’ infers that Jack the Ripper was vicious, brutal and went over

the top. The victims were the ‘poorest of poor’ so the murderer was

not trying to rob the victims. Since there was ‘no adequate motive in

the shape of plunder’ it suggests that Jack the Ripper committed these

crimes because he or she enjoyed killing. However the source

describes the work of Jack the Ripper as the ‘work of a demented

being’ which suggests that Jack the Ripper was mad.

2. Study Sources A, B and C

Does the evidence of Source C support the evidence of Sources A and B

about the Ripper murders? Explain your answer. (8)

Sources A and C comment on how the victims were poor so money was not

the murderer’s motive. Also the details of how the victim was

murdered in source C supports the fact, in source A, that the murder

was peculiar and had extra-ordinary violence. However source C is

more detailed on the method of murder whereas source A is general

describing the murder but not the method. Source C supports source A

to a very little extent.

Sources B and C agree on the fact that the murder was committed with

the use of a knife – ‘In the neck there was a long incision’ ‘cutting

the windpipe completely in two’ and ‘use the knife’. However source C

concentrates on the method of murder but source B is focusing on who

the murderer could be ‘No mere slaughterer of animals could have

carried out these operations.’ Again source C supports B but t o a

little extent.

3. Study Sources D and E

How useful are Sources D and E in helping you to understand why the

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