Muppets Most Wanted

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While the film had a few problems, 2011's The Muppets was a wonderful ode to not only The Muppets themselves, but also to childhood and nostalgia. It introduced the characters to a new generation, while also serving as the perfect film for longtime fans (the same fans who had been burned by lackluster TV specials and the awful Muppets In Space). This frees Muppets Most Wanted to jump right into Kermit and company's next adventure, with a hilarious opening number all about doing a sequel, and how almost all sequels are 'never quite as good'. It's a statement that rings true not only for other films, but this one as well; Muppets Most Wanted goes for 'bigger is better', but instead ends up being a bit flatter than its predecessor. Bobin and Stoller return to write (Bobin directs again), this time without the aid of Jason Segel (who co-wrote and starred in the last feature). Segel brought a warmth and charm both as an actor and a writer that is sorely missed here. While Bobin and Stoller keep the jokes, silliness, and songs coming, that sweetness that made the last film so infectious ...

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