Multivitamins Case Study

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TITLE A study extensive documentation the constituents and “properties” of the preparations popularly known as multivitamins or energy boosters INTRODUCTION/ Background Multivitamins are said to be the combination of essential vitamins and minerals, they are the most common dietary supplement, and they play a role in preventing nutritional deficiency . According to Sesso et al many adults take vitamins to prevent chronic diseases although there is an uncertainty of their long term health benefits . Neuhoser et al states that health claims, consumer testimonials and the fact that the supplement industry is unregulated is the main driving force behind these beliefs . The consumption of multivitamins can lead to individuals not engaging in preventative health behaviours and daily consumption of these poses a financial burden as some of these supplements can be very costly2. According to Marianna et al the use of supplements is common in women, older age groups because of the suggested beneficial effects in cataracts, cardiovascular diseases and cancer, which are all age related conditions and also in people who are highly educated that consume nutritious and healthy diets . The observational design study by Macpherson et al explore the safety of multivitamins but they mention that the results were biased by certain factors including indication and the tendency of supplements use being higher in individuals with the history of diseases . Energy drinks in various formulations are described by Damle as alcohol free soft drinks; that are masked as energy boosters. Marketing behind these stresses other ingredients such as stimulants, vitamins and health extracts in which they contain but they exclude revealing the sugar content, t... ... middle of paper ... adequate sleep consume high amounts of caffeine to help control their fatigue and to keep them alert however it has negative effects in perceptual memory and learning because it causes an increase in hippocampal acetylcholine which may block consolidation by congestion replay of memories . He also states that caffeine may cause anxiety, panic attacks and tension when more than 300mg is administered and in higher doses of caffeine and a stressful tasks anxiety is elevated even more9. Persad states People need to be aware of the health risks of consuming caffeine as it has an addictive potential also the high content of caffeine in energy drinks increases the risk of caffeine overdose. Persad concluded by suggesting that consumption of moderate amounts of caffeine can help people rip the benefits of caffeine whilst avoiding the negative effects of caffeine9.
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