Multiple Ways of Atacking or Hacking a Website

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There are multiple ways of attacking, or hacking a website, and Anonymous uses multiple forms of it to keep the Feds off of their trail. Anonymous uses these copious amounts of attacks to penetrate a systems hard drive, and they either steal information or crash the memory of the computers. Sometimes, the hackers will use password-cracking software that are run from all the computers of Anonymous members and wreak havoc on the computer’s system they want to hack. Then, an easy password will come back to them and they have the tools to crack into a company’s website they want. Also, fake e-mails can be sent to legitimate users who could then accidentally click on a link that can enable hackers to install spyware into a computer to have access to valuable information. This is just one method most hackers use, and due to Anonymous’ sheer numbers, they have the ability to successfully hack with these more complex methods. In some cases, Anonymous convinces people in high up chains of targeted companies. Anonymous hackers have also been known to blackmail and/or pay off people who they wish to obtain secrets from. These techniques require a lot of people and a lot of resources, which is why only organizations like Anonymous are capable of pulling these tactics off. It also requires leaders within the chain, which is why Anonymous is such an interesting organization. There are no leaders, just people who step up to lead certain ops. This is how some Anonymous members have been caught, leading the charge of a certain op, and yet they still claim they have no true leadership structure. As a result, operational leadership may shift from project to project to keep the cops off of their trail, said a hacker, “pLInterFY” on a webchat. Decision making on who the next target should be, which organization to hack, or discussions about the pros and cons of hacking a certain organization are done via an internet website. Messages can be sent and received from each of the hackers computers, while keeping their identity disclosed, and this gives Anonymous another edge against the people attempting to stop them. Announcements can then be made through Anonymous accounts on Twitter, Facebook, or through a video on Youtube. Also, their website is a spot that Anonymous members can find who th next target is, why they are being targeted, or suggest a new target.
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