Multiple Phases of Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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The play “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare is a very popular piece till this day. It shows many different obstacles one person can go through and how others can act based off of this one person. Hamlet goes through many phases like: Sarcasm, Suicidal Tendencies, and Procrastination all because of some information that is found out about his father. As he passes through each phase everyone around him is affected in many different ways from insanity, to death this play will always be popular and studied alongside all of Shakespeare’s work. Hamlet’s use of sarcasm helps us recognize how smart he really is. He uses this technique throughout the play to truly express what he is feeling and going through. In act one scene two, hamlet begins to talk to his new father this is also is uncle and makes a smart comment under his breath when his new father calls him his son and cousin, “A little more than kin and less than kind.”(I.ii.67) This being said with the intention of throwing it in his face that he is not only his son but nephew/cousin as well and they both know it’s a bit strange. Hamlet makes it clear that he doesn’t like this situation that was brought upon him. He continues his sarcasm going into act two, “for if the sun breed maggots in a dead dog being a good kissing carrion…” (II.ii.197-199), he implies to Polonius as they chat about truthful men but Polonius doesn’t know as much as Hamlet. He is more sarcastic with Polonius than anyone else in the play so far. It gets deeper as Hamlet beings to realize more and more as time passes and he has time to think. The plan of outing his father’s murder is getting to him and this is what creates Hamlet to become more sarcastic. No one but him knows the truth and soon everyone will co... ... middle of paper ... ...d no one to vent to or ask for advice so he handled everything on his own, and that usually doesn’t play out to well. Sooner or later when events like this happen, you’re going to need someone to talk to, to have a second opinion and you don’t end up wallowing in all of your emotions and thoughts. In the end Hamlet got what he wanted but died as well. All of this occurred as a result of Claudius killing his brother in the beginning, if it wasn’t for him, no one would be dead and this play would have had a totally different concept. Whether Hamlet got what he wanted or not, putting his killing of Claudius off till the very last minute had a very big impact on this play and on Hamlet’s death. If he would have gotten it done earlier everything would have played out differently. In the end Hamlet went through many phases as a man and in the end died because of it all.

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