Multiple Medical Breakthroughs in Stem Cell Research

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Stem cell research can date back to 1956 and has lead to multiple medical breakthroughs. Stem cells are generic animal cells that can make copies of themselves indefinitely. Therefore, these cells have to ability to become any body part or organ (Cowan). But, getting this resource is what brings up a controversy. Scientists and researchers are gathering human embryos to further study and test stem cells and some people don’t agree with this. The end result of using embryonic stem cells is someone being able to walk again, someone remembering the names of their children, and someone being able to say that he beat cancer. Stem cell research is beneficial to society and should be accepted into labs all around the world. Only the most pristine of labs get to receive stem cells to research and test. In the United States of America, most of these labs are usually at universities and institutes (Crosta). The United Kingdom is a “global leader” when it comes to stem cell research and it has the ability to advance stem cell technology to benefit billions of people all around the globe. In order to start helping people labs receive embryonic or adult stem cells from donors (PR Newswire). In some cases providers of embryonic cells are paid to let labs use their blastocysts, also known as the phase of five day old human embryos (Baylis). This tends to go hand in hand with abortion but, the realization is that these cells are saving so many lives, which ends up being a gain of life, not a loss. Stem cell research has helped advance towards treatment and cures for some of the worlds most lethal diseases. Also, some of the medical breakthroughs using stem cells include Parkinsonism, Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis and mental illnes... ... middle of paper ... ...with these side effects, researchers are worried that cancer cells are capable of genetic mutations that make them resistant to damage done by chemo and radiation (Radiation Therapy Side Effects). That is where stem cells come in handy. When embryonic stem cells are applied to the tumor they try to repair the damage done and can prevent the cancer from spreading or creating a secondary cancer. Also, using stem cells would be a more natural way to rid of the disease. Since a patient would be using human cells to attack the cancer there are no traumatic side effects that come with it. Some of the few side effects of stem cell transfusions include irritated skin where the transfusion was made and fatigue. Typically these symptoms fade away three months after the transfusion (Dr. Martin, Thomas, and Lisa Considine). Cancer affects many families around the globe.
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