Multiple Cures For ADHD

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Has anyone ever told your child "This is what you need to be focusing on," or "This is more important than what is outside that window"? If yes is your answer to this question, your child might have with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Children who have ADD or ADHD are often more imaginative and outgoing without their prescribed medication. However, the medication does allow them to focus and decreases their tendency to be troublesome. Naturally, a permanent cure without having to take medication is what most sufferers of ADD would prefer. These children are smart, but they can be a gigantic distraction to other children. This disease has effected over seven million Americans alone and while doctors find it in few girls because the diseases mainly affect boys. Some of the children think they are immune to ADHD, but truthfully we need to obtain a cure for them. There are multiple reasons that might be the reason that people get ADHD, such as, parents having ADHD, or the possibility of brain injuries when they were a young child. Three other likely causes are exposure to a toxic substance as a child, too much lead in their blood when they were born or pre-birth are. There will, more than likely, have to be multiple cures for ADHD because there are numerous ways to get the disease. However, I am sure that American doctors are fully capable of inventing a cure that will finally stop the disease in no time. But for right now, with the current medications and treatments, we can merely temporarily stop the symptoms. There are rumors of a neurological cure which could be an everlasting cure for most cases of ADD and ADHD. This means that children with ADHD are failing and being disrup... ... middle of paper ... that come with the disease include difficulty focusing, especially an adult who has ADD to organize tasks, finish work within a time limit, and remember information and that makes it perplexing to find a job. Ultimately ADD and ADHD are both diseases that will make focusing harder for anybody who has either of them. ADHD could, although not likely, ruin the USA and possibly the world. People need to figure out a cure for ADD and ADHD, and soon, because it affects myriad people across America, and is causing a ton of problems. Children are having an exhausting time focusing in classrooms and adults who have ADD straining themselvs to driving. Who knows, maybe the future cure will help them pay attention and allow them to keep their creativity. So in conclusion we talked about how children get ADD or ADHD, how it affects children, and how it affects adults.
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