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A Pharmacist in Atlanta named John Pemberton first created Coca-Cola in 1886. He started to promote his new invention through the local newspaper. The taste of coca cola was a refreshing new experience and people could not get enough it. The drink was considered an ‘intellectual beverage’, ‘temperance drink’, ‘brain tonic’, and it even claims to be able to cure ‘headache, neuralgia, hysteria, melancholy’ and more”(Arandilla 2011). Coca cola continued to advertise without any technology that we use now. The advertisements did not have much fact to it. During the time, information was limited and many people did not have the resources to research. So, no one had the proof to debate.

When the advertisements were published, Coca-Cola set out to advertise differently. In the 1900's, they would use pretty women to attract customers. In the 1930' Coca-Cola created an image of a happy looking white bearded guy who was the image of Santa-Clause. Before than there, were not any images him. The image of Santa clause was used for Coca-Cola for three decades in the 1930’s through the 1960’s. This was a smart marketing strategy that Coca-Cola implemented. This is only one of the many strategies that they have used to get their name known throughout the industry.

In the 21st century advertising has become much easier in terms of getting its name on the market. Companies advertise in newspapers, radio, television, and billboards.Companie also Advertising brings in the most revenue for the company. Statistics shows that advertising occupies 33% of how a company gets its name on the market, and in no other category is the percentage above 20%. Coca-Cola knows that advertising is the best way to get its name on the market and for consumers to b...

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