Multilingual Writer Analysis

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LANGUAGE is the primal vocational tool of any literary writer and the depth of a writer’s insight and evocative creative skills are often conditioned by the relationship between him and the language or languages he is familiar with. From this perspective, a monolingual writer is monocultural, a bilingual writer is bicultural and a multilingual writer is multicultural. The depth of insight as regards a specific cultural perspective is easily associated with a monolingual writer who has mastered a particular language and is therefore a competent interpreter of the culture it represents while the richness of cultural values as defined by the variety of values inherent in multiculturality is reflective of the attributes of a multilingual writer.…show more content…
A static language is a dead language. Language needs growth for development and it is this necessity that defines a creative writer’s responsibility to his language of communication. Language can only grow through the efforts of writers and speakers who use it creatively and imaginatively by relating it to contemporaneous events, new experiences and futuristic visions. The writer’s responsibility to his language is therefore to ensure the growth and development of that language (Mbithi: 2014). He deploys certain means in his writings to achieve his aim. First, he uses language in a creative manner which enlivens his language of communication, that is, he uses his old stock of works and expressions in such a telling manner that they become refreshing to his audience. Secondly, he creates new words to depict new experiences thereby using neologism to enhance the growth and stature of the language and of course, the widespread use of neologism is an index of a blossoming language. And thirdly, he incorporates borrowed or foreign words into his language of communication to capture moods, situations and experiences which his language of communication would have been incapable of describing. All these, in a nutshell, define the creative writer in his relationship with a particular language of communication but multilingualism introduces a far more complex dimension to the creative person of the writer as well as to his responsibility to his society. It is with this in mind that the notion of multilingualism will be
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