Multigenerational Therapy Case Study

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Engagement and Joining Process In Multigenerational Therapy: the therapist all the differentiated individuals allow the family members to explain their problems, thoughts, feelings. They allow the family members to explain their situation, and encourage the family members to accept personal responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, perceptions and actions (Bitter, 2014). The role of Function of the Therapist in Multigenerational therapy is to help individuals in the family asses and understand their relational styles with the family system (Bitter, 2014). The therapists are teachers, coaches, and observers who are responsible for establishing the tone in therapy (Bitter, 2014). Therapists are supposed to establish peace and harmony, and to encourage the clients to get to know family members as they are (Bitter, 2014). Therapists are to gather information, and guide new behaviors by demonstrating ways to change their relationship with their parents, sibling, and extended family members. The therapist needs to instruct the family members to move them emotional reactivity to learn to be better observers and teach them how to free themselves from emotional relationship, and how they can bring effective roles within the family (Bitter, 2014). The Assessment Techniques in Multigenerational Therapy are: Genograms: Genograms are a…show more content…
They work with the family’s interaction, modify boundaries by strengthening diffuse boundaries and by softening rigid boundaries (Bitter, 2014). Family mapping is where the therapist would identify rigid boundaries, and mark symbols to mark boundaries (Bitter, 2014). Therapist use enactments to encourage family members to act out conflict situations that would happen at home. This encourages the clients to deal with problems, rather than just talking about problems (Bitter,
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