Multigenerational Family Argumentative Essay

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Argumentative Essay - 100 points summative - Requirements & Rubric

Revise your argumentative essay: Your argumentative essay was based on either The Return of the Multi-Generational Family Household p. 490-493 - completing the prompt on the bottom of p. 495 OR Tutoring Benefits Seniors’ Health Students’ Skills p. 484-487 - Prompt p. 489.

You have now re-read your essay - Using a color font - go through and make a minimum of five revisions/edits. These must be in colored ink!

Comments were not provided on this document; they were provided on a half sheet and passed back. Just because you scored high on the original draft score does not necessarily mean that the content of this document will score well as a finished essay.

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have started to hold multiple generations.The greatness of multigenerational households is great.Since 1980 the number of multigenerational houses has only increased.Thus,I think that it is awesome that multigenerational homes are starting to come back.
This amazing phenomenon of many generations of people living in a home is exceptional.As more and more homes are starting to hold older generations, less and fewer elders are staying in nursing homes.According to U.S. Bureau of Census, 5% of the seniors end up in nursing homes.Also as of 2008, 49 million Americans or 16.1% of us live in homes with at least two generations of adults.Hence,the U.S. is starting to carry more generations in homes.
Although, Some people may not support the whole multigenerational thing, I think that a house with multiple generations of people is much happier than a house that does not have multiple generations of people.Studies have proven that it is the younger adults who more prefer multiple generations living in a home, not adults.One major thing you don’t have to worry about is too much medicare and health cost.If an elder lives with you, you would have to pay fewer payments for healthcare because you would need fewer things monitoring your older generation of the family.Therefore, having a multi-generational home would bring lots of
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So overall living together with many generations is fun.With that fun also comes with a lot of work.If you ask me, I think that if you can you should definitely try to live with multiple generations.I think that if you live together your family will be happier and more bonded.As a final point, living in a house with many generations of people is fun and if you can you should definitely try to live together with many
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