Multiculturalism In Canada Essay

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Multiculturalism is a euphemism for discrimination and inequality. This is just an example of improper usage of a word in the Canadian context discourse. Canadian multiculturalism implies a large range of concepts and definitions, but without hesitation words such as diversity, equality, ethnicity, are just some of the most memorable key words for everyone. In fact, it is well known that Canada embraces tolerance, acceptance and integration for immigrants. However, this might be just an ideological perspective because a pragmatic approach might illustrate a different panorama. Immigrants are nomads that become afraid of being rejected and diminished because of their status. This status is regarded as "other" (Gabriel, 1998, as cited in Yee,…show more content…
Even though Canada promotes these values, they are not reflected in practice. In fact, immigrants perceive and cope with discrimination, racism and impositions. According to Razack and Badwall (2010) security measures have increased for people from the Middle East, after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and everyone who belongs to this appearance is being oppressed and marginalized. In effect, the government has increased its control to protect the nation, and national security aggravates insecurity for migrants because they are associated with danger. As a consequence, multiculturalism in Canada fosters inequality, oppression and discrimination causing vulnerability for…show more content…
This diversity is already assumed as a constant of Canadian culture, and it is considered as a core of the practice. In fact, the Canadian population has increased since immigration growth, and globalization also has played a significant role for immigration levels (Razack and Badwall, 2010). In other words, the Canadian government nurtures the term diversity, and the conception of multiculturalism is truly adopted. Indeed, Canada has been identified as the longest international "peaceful border" (Razack and Badwall, 2010, p.53), receiving refugees and migrants from around the world, without exceptions. Even though the population of Canada has been expanded and multiculturalism is an official policy, Canada is "white settler society" founded on the elimination of aboriginal people (Razack and Badwall, 2010, p.56). This eradication of aboriginals is due to the fact that these people are distinct, and then they are not accepted and assimilated into the Canadian cultural system. Likewise, with immigrants, they must adopt the dominant culture to subsist, and must follow the Canadian culture to be

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