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Multi-things Case Study

The Multi-things first opened in 1978 by Rob Martin and his wife Elizabeth. In 1984, the first main change occurred. The company’s owners decided to expand the business from a local construction and renovation store to a national approach. With the concept and business vision tested, the brand Multi-things is the current largest Brazilian retailer franchise working in the field of utilities, providing solutions, repairs, accessories and news for everyday people. To not lose focus, since the stores would be installed at various locations of the country, in 1990 the couple opted for the franchise system.

Process of Change and Challenges
Rob Martin, the company’s president and CEO, was totally convinced that the decision of adopt the franchising system is the best way to expand. However, the vice-president Elizabeth Martin was worried about keeping the existent business culture. The main obstacle at this stage was getting the vice-president support. A research about the impact of franchising in the business culture was conducted as well as an external assessment to provide feedback on the external environment and to identify the threats that the business may have to protect itself and opportunities that the business may want to pursue and leverage. Findings demonstrated the possibility of low effect on the actual organizational identity. However, the research alerted that follow step-by-step of the process of change implementation would be crucial for the success of this task. Hence, an internal survey was carried out to provide information how they were doing within the organisational system itself with their inputs, processes and outputs. The internal feedback pointed out strengths and weaknesse...

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...ew vision” that sabotage the process of change;
• Lack of a systematic plan of creating a momentum through “short-term wins”;
• “Declaring victory too soon”, and;
• “Not anchoring changes in the corporation’s culture”.

Common Organizational Errors

Source: Kotter (1995).

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