Mujeres Al Borde De Un Ataque De Nervios Analysis

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In 1988, the film Mujeres al Borde de un Ataque de Nervios by Pedro Almodóvar was released into the theaters. The film shed a new light on feminism and postmodernism throughout the film by the different kind of love life shown through the two main characters Pepa and Ivan (Farrán, 2010). Instead of this film being another romantic love story with ending in the main couple being in love there were a few plot twists throughout the film. The movie centers around one main character named Pepa. Pepa was impacted throughout the story by the other main characters, her environment around her and the core issues throughout the story. The environment impacted Pepa in a few different ways. The first way was Pepa’s apartment. Pepa used to live in her apartment with her ex-boyfriend named Ivan. Ivan had decided that he…show more content…
Pepa tries to call and searches for Ivan to tell him. She feels that it might save her relationship and that way she is able to live happily ever after with Ivan and the baby. Another core issue is Pepa’s best friend Candela. Candela fell in love with a man who she later found out was a terrorist. The terrorist and a few of his friends planned to make an attack on the Stockholm flight leaving the Madrid airport (Slagle, 2014). Candela feels that the terrorists told the police about her and that they were going to come and arrest her. She goes to Pepa in search of help and guidance on what to do. Another issue is Pepa trying to sell her apartment. She wanted to get rid of it so that she could put the relationship of her and Ivan behind her. When she is selling the apartment she meets Ivan’s son Carlos and his fiance Marisa who are wanting to buy her apartment. She realized who Carlos was and felt a connection with him due to him being Ivan’s son and that Ivan did not really have a connection with Carlos or her. She also felt that with her knowing Carlos she could win Ivan back in a way (Slagle,
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