Muhammad Ali Is NOT a Hero

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Muhammad Ali Is NOT a Hero

To be a hero, someone could save others, respect their country, and care. The firefighters from the Fire Department of New York have all of these characteristics, even thought they aren't perfect. Everyday, they risk their lives to save others. They show their patriotism even on the trucks they drive through the cities. Most of all they don't just do it because it's their job; they do it because they care. Unlike the people at FDNY, Muhammad Ali is violent, separatist, and rude.

The first reason Muhammad Ali isn't a hero is because he is violent. For almost all of his life he fought in boxing matches that all started when he was a boy because he wanted to beat up the kid who stole his bike. For 14 years, on-and-off, he was heavyweight champion and before that a lightweight champion. To do this, you had to have the rage to hurt your opponent. Muhammad Ali even said, “I believe in the eye-for- an-eye business, I got no respect for a man who won’t hit back. You kill my dog, you better hide your cat” (Myers 36). Now, in his 60’s,...

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