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Muhammad Ali the Greatest
Cassius Clay Jr. or known to many people as ‘Muhammad Ali’ was born in Louisville, KY on January 17th , 1942 He was the first Heavyweight Boxer to win the Heavyweight title three times, his professional career lasted about twenty one years, in that time he won a total of fifty six fights. Most people do not know Cassius changed his name to ‘Muhammad Ali’ because of his religion, staff.(2-4) Muhammad Ali’s early career before becoming a professional boxer, how he worked his way to become the Heavyweight Champion of the World, him converting his religion to Islam and his life after boxing.
When Muhammad was 12 years old, he and his friend rode their bikes to the fair, but when they left to return home Muhammad could not find his bike, later that night he decided to find a police officer so that he could report his bike stolen. (This information can be found in the book written by Carin T. Ford called; Muhammad Ali “I am the
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He discovered that he has a disease called Parkinson and started an organization to help other people like him according to Ali started to also travel different places to help people deal with the disease. In 1998, Muhammad Ali was selected to become a Messenger of Peace for the United Nations for the work that he had done with other Countries. According to; Muhammad Ali was awarded the ‘Presidential Medal of Freedom’ from our forty-third President, George W. Bush during his time in office. During this same year Ali opened a center for youth in his hometown so they could have a chance to become something great and have mentor’s that were willing to teach them how to become just that. Ali wanted to instill positive behavior and let the youths within his community know that someone that cared about them, just like someone had shown him back when he was young

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