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Throughout the history there have been many famous people who have lived in this country. Some of them were actors, politicians and even athletes. And out of them one of the them all. one of was a gifted boxer named Muhammad Ali. Ali made is first marked as an amateur, then as professional. Ali went through many hard trail in his life, and one of them will change the future. Which will alter lead him to become the greatest Muhammad Ali. Ali is one of the most famous boxer of all time. Ali has many interesting facts about his early life,amateur career, Olympics career, personal life, professional boxing career Vietnam War, and resistance to the draft. Ali became one of the most respected boxer of all time due to his accomplishment during is boxing career.
Muhammad Ali was born on January 17, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky. Ali lived with his father, Cassius Sr., his mother, Odessa, and later on with his younger brother Rudy. He was a boisterous baby, who demonstrated his pugilistic skills at the age of one. Ali's family were a very close family. They lived in a small house bought by Ali's father(Early life ). He's family weren't poor. They were better off than many other southern blacks at the time. They would have been considered middle class by today's standards.
At the age of 12, Ali discovered his talent for boxing . After, Ali's bike was stolen, and he told a police officer, Joe Martin, that he wanted to beat up the thief. And the officer told him "Well, you better learn how to fight before you start challenging people.This lead Ali to get mad and later, Ali started working with Martin and learn how to box, and soon began his boxing career. In Ali's first amateur match in 1954, he won the fight by split decis...

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...he was chosen to be a united nations messenger of peace. And in 2005, Ali receive the presidential medal of freedom from president George W. Bush. Muhammad Ali went through many hardship in life and carry out many things as well. Ali was named greatest boxer of the century due to he's great boxing performance. Ali was also, consider the greatest boxer of all time and most respected boxer as well.

Thessis : Muhammad Ali was only not one of greatest boxer to enter the ring but, also one of the most respected boxer of all time and consider the greastest boxer of all time due to his great accomplishment.

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