Mudhouse Horse Winner Reflection

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420 words

Mudhouse Sabbath written by Lauren Winner, challenges her readers and to incorporate more spiritual practices to a life of faith. Winner, profoundly sums up the importance of spiritual practices as, “One does things unto God, and eventually, through the doing, one will come to hear and understand and believe. “ While reading the book, I was personally challenged to incorporate more spiritual practices into my relationship with Christ. There were many practices, which seemed appropriate for the season of life I’m in. For the semester, I will be specifically working on incorporating a Sabbath into my busy college life. Reading Winner describe the Shabbat, which is a Jewish practice of Sabbath, I was very challenged. The Jews take Shabbat very

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how lauren winner's mudhouse sabbath challenges her readers to incorporate more spiritual practices to a life of faith.
  • Opines that shabbat should be used as a time of rest, time with god, and reflection.
  • Explains that they will be taking their sabbath every sunday from the time they awake until 5:00pm.
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