Mubaraks's Move

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Every attempt Mubarak had made to move to another country so far, has failed miserably. Besides, he has already made a promise not to return to Sudan until he became a tool of change. However, staying in Jordan without a source of an income for another couple of months will definitely have a devastating impact. So upon finishing reading the letter, Mubarak headed out to the Medical Association, hoping to find a positive development in his membership application status. “We will not consider you for membership until you show proof that you have signed an employment contract. Moreover, it would be impossible for us to consider aliens when many of our doctors who grew up in this country are still unemployed” the association employee in charge asserted as Mubarak showed up and enquired. Thus recognizing the futility of his efforts Mubarak bade the man goodbye and left. Surprisingly, as he exited the building, another employee raced out and caught up with him on the sidewalk. “Salam, Doctor. I overheard your exchange with that man. Disregard what he told you and listen carefully to what I have to say. Go to one of the royal family members or one of those powerful tribal chieftains and let one of them recommend you; preferably, let them call the president of the association and insist that you get registered” “That is the only way for you. Many doctors from Iraq did just that” “These Palestinians have forgotten what it means to be going through difficulties. They do not want to approve you application because they think that you will take a job from one of their folks.” Mubarak thanked the native Jordanian for his sincere goodwill gesture and left, but then he thought of the strangeness of his advice. What a royal family member or a... ... middle of paper ... ...ges in your looks before you came looking for employment at this institution. You should have grown a beard and learned the universal language of this kind of people. Most importantly, you should have brought reference letters from their Sudanese counterpart. This guy, who interviewed you, is a close friend of Swar Aldahab. A piece of a paper from the general with his signature on it would have done magic.” A couple of months ago Mubarak fled his homeland because of his country’s fundamentalist politicians’ alienating policies. Moreover, a couple of weeks ago he failed to get visa to Saudi Arabia, astonishingly because its embassy employee feared that he might be a dangerous religious zealot. Now, ironically, another fundamentalist did not consider him for employment because the doctor did not seem strict enough to fit into the fabric of his religious hospital.

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