Msn In Nursing: My Plans For The Future

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As a kid I was always in people 's business and telling them what they should and should not do, and as I grow older I still find time to voice my opinion. My friends like to joke and call me the “ MOM” of the group so I feel that as a nurse I will be able to care for patients and tell them what to do better when it come to their health. My plans for the future are to attend a college of my choosing and obtain a MSN in Nursing.An activity that I enjoy doing is Volunteering at my local hospital because I am able to get an inside look of what nusring would be like and I enjoy helping others.

Certainly, volunteering has impacted me tremendously, in which it has made me a better person. Being around the patients and the nurses I have learned
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I am always willing to give whether it is money or time.One day when I was volunteering at the hospital I was doing my water ad ice rounds like normal. I walked toward the patient 's door and I knock and second a later I hear someone say, “Come in.” As I enter the room I am welcomed with a smile that belonged to a heavy setting women sitting in a chair that was placed next to her bed, and her feet were propped up . She had lipstick on and her hair was curled. She greeted me with the biggest “HELLO.” She informed me that she had been waiting for a volunteer all day, she asked me,” what is your name” ,and I responded kindly, pointing a my name tag, “ My name is Carrington.” Then I went on to ask if she needed any water or ice,she said,”Yes!” I proceeded to get her a refill, when I returned to her room she said, “ I wish that I had something else for you to do.” She told me to come back later to see if she had anything for me to do. After I left her room the nurses but me to work so by the time a was free it was time for me to leave, so when I did finally return to the patient 's room I told her that I was just coming to say goodbye. To my surprise she was not only her family was in the room as well. She introduced me to her family and we talk for a little while, I finally said, “goodbye” and wished her and her family well. As I walked to my car all I
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