Mscle Milk Case Study

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In 2007, Muscle Milk received the NSF International’s Athletic Banned Substances Certification for its’ chocolate, cookies & cream, and vanilla powder flavors.

The NSF International is an independent, non-profit organizations whose mission is to protect consumers by writing standards for food, water, and dietary supplements. The NSF Dietary Supplement Certification program verifies that the ingredients listed on the label is actually in the product and the produce itself does not contain any undeclared ingredients or contaminants. This reduces the risk that consumers ingest banned substances in their dietary products.

Additionally, the Certified for Sports program is aimed at both collegiate and professional level athletes,
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I get none of the bloat that I had previously gotten using regular whey protein. The cake batter taste is AWESOME, just a touch sweet but still very drinkable. I chose this brand because it 's the only brand where every product they make is both gluten AND lactose free. This is super important to me because I 'm lactose intolerant and have celiac. This is excellent for post-workout recovery and as a meal-replacement shake on my rest days. Finally, a product that works perfectly AND is ideal for my finicky stomach!”

“This is by far one of the best protein drinks around. I mix one scoop with water and drink one in the morning, replacing breakfast, and around 9 PM at night. This is a little known trick to keep your metabolism up during the night to burn calories. I highly recommend this product due to its flavor. Email the company for a sample of it if you are unsure of your investment. My Wife and I love this
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I am not a bodybuilder or anything like that, I am just a guy that has gotten fat over the last couple years. I had a very active job for years and then went to doing nothing but sitting and I gained about 50 pounds in 2 years.I have always had a sweet tooth and have enjoyed good food and Muscle Milk tastes really good to me. On top of that, it is filling for me when combined with high protein/low carb diet. I use it as a meal replacement daily, sometimes twice. I sometimes add unsweetened almond milk (30 cal per cup) to the muscle milk and sometimes I just use just cold water. If I want it sweeter I will also add two tablespoons of calorie free sweetener. Nonetheless, the taste is excellent. By using muscle milk as a meal replacement with a high protein diet consisting of lean ham and baked chicken and regular exercise, I have lost 15 pounds in three weeks.”

“I REALLY do love this stuff. I believe it is the best priced per protein serving there is on the market and I have done quite a bit of research. It is priced well and it tastes great. I am using the cookies and creme right now but I prefer the chocolate blend more. The BEST part of Cytosport 's Muscle Milk is its EASE of breakdown. I can put 2 shaker cups in my gym bag, one for before workout and one for after, add water and shake it up. It dissolves so well without thick chunks. A lot of powders should label their products with "Must Use Blender" but not this

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