Mrs. Goo Cheese

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The store that Mrs. Goo-Cheese ran with her sister was located on the shore of the pond. It was made from logs that were flattened on the tops and bottoms with notches on the ends. This allowed the logs to fit together tightly to keep out the wind and the rain.
Inside, the walls were lined with shelves containing merchandise that was new while bins made from an assortment of cardboard boxes formed two isles that ran up and down the middle of the building.
In one of those bins, Oliver and Timmy were placing the day's crop of radishes. The little Knoll-Mice had placed a tag on each bunch of radishes saying what it was and that it came from their farm.
A tall black rat entered the shop holding a basket. She wore a yellow bonnet and matching dress. She walked around the shop while Oliver finished unloading the radishes. Timmy had somehow fallen into the bin.
She then made her way to the radish bin, picked up a bunch and examined the tag. "Young mouse, I see these are locally grown, but are they fresh?"
Oliver looked at the rat now towering over him. "Yes, Mrs. Rat. We picked them this mo...

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