Mrs Cortes Case Study

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Ms. Cortes made the children Hot Dogs and French Fries for dinner.

Ms. Cortes cut the children 's hair and then gave them all a bath earlier than normal.

Ms. Cortes was patience while she was cutting they children 's hair. Messiah sat still and it took her about 5 minutes to cut his hair. When Nicholas was called into the bathroom to get his hair cut he was watching TV. He did not want Ms. Cortes to cut his hair. When he finally went her he was playing and moving a lot. Ms. Cortes asking him to stop moving several times. She was trying to give him a certain cut, but he was fidgeting too much. She gave up and gave him a low cut. Jordan only needed a shape up, she did not want to cut off all of his hair. Giving the boys a bath and cutting
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Cortes at a movie night planned for her and the boys. They were going to eat, get their hair cut , take a bath and watch a movie on Netflix. To fit everything in before 9pm, Ms. Cortes had to start her night time routine early. She was adding in time new events, but still wanted the boys in bed by 9pm. She fed the children at 6:15pm. S0nice, she did not want to waste time she allowed Jordan to eat with her. Messiah and Nicholas were still expected to feed themselves. Then, she explained to me what she wanted to do. I reminded her that every time she tries to put a movie on the computer it takes a long time to load. She decided to try and load the movie while the boys were eating. By preparing the movie early it should have saved her some stress. After the boys were done eating Ms. Cortes prep for the children 's haircuts and bath. She did Jordan’s hair first, followed by Messiah and Nicholas. I asked her if she had a particular order to do their hair. She cuts Jordan hair first because he gets in the way. Nicholas gives her the most problems, so it’s best if he goes last. Ms. Cortes logic was…show more content…
She tried to change the internet server she was using, but it was not working. She went back in the bathroom and got the boys out of the tub and put their pajamas on. While all the boys were in the living room playing with their toys. Ms. Cortes cleaned up the bathroom. At 7:30pm when she gave up on using the computer for movie night. She was starting to get mad and the boys were looking for something to do. This could have been bad, but Ms. Cortes put the T.V. to Keep them busy. I asked her, what is next since their night time routine is done and the movie was no longer an option. She had to find something for them do. She did not have a plan B. I suggested, she plays a game with them, watch T. V. with them or leave them alone since they were quite. She wanted to leave them alone while she swept the floors. At 8pm Nicholas asked to watch Daniel the Tiger. Ms. Cortes gave him the okay. All three boys, sat on the couch to watch Daniel the Tiger until bedtime. The boys had moments when they were fighting and yelling, but it was quickly resolved. Ms. Cortes removed the toy and redirect their attention to something they could all do
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