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The author, Katherine Mansfield, begins the story by introducing a simple- minded woman who is suffering from her loneliness, which is a reason why she eavesdrops into stranger’s life experiences. Miss. Brill’s life story is told to reveal how she attempts reflect her life with another stranger’s life, however it does mirrors Mrs. Brill’s life. On Sunday’s, Miss. Brill goes to the park and examines the details of her surroundings. Though the weather is call for it, she dresses in fur clothing, representing her personality. There was an old couple seating by her at a bench, and she is dissatisfied that they are not talking since she enjoys eavesdropping on their conversation. Her attention changes at the park when she notices a young girl trying to desperately get a man’s attention, but the young girl fails. Even though the girl seemed happy and hastily to progress, Mrs. Brill gives her attention to the sad music that is playing in the background. She believes to be more into the young girl’s emotions rather than the couple and their life conversations. Miss. Brill believes that she is an inspiration to everyone, and she and everyone else is a production of her life, but she is the main character. She believes to be the queen of this imaginary production, and she rules everything and everyone. As the music resumes, she moves away from the girl by a changing tune, which she is not able to comprehend. She is then joined by a young couple, who she believes is the star of her imaginary production. She over hears the young couple talking about her, so she leaves the park and immediately goes home and when she gets there she hears crying. The author, Kathrine Mansfield, demonstrates the central idea by using Miss Brill as a message of is... ... middle of paper ... ...given Miss Brill a figure of imagination. Mansfield use words such as “dear” and “little rouge” to give an image of the fur that Miss Brill treat as a pet. However, Miss Brill treats her fur as a living animal, which is not capable of returning her love, it is nothing but skin of an animal. She minds the fact that she is lonely, but she doesn’t know how much people dislike like her and he presents. Katherine Mansfield uses multiple literary elements to present a complex idea of Miss Brill’s character. Mansfield gives readers an appealing view of Miss Brill and how she spends her Sundays, with a memorable imagery. Using literary elements, Mansfield uses symbolism of loneliness to provide the theme of the story. The imagery that Mansfield creates sets the tone of the story. Through the imagery of the scenes, readers recognize the dramatic life Miss Brill possesses.

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