Mr Thathamkulam Case Study

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Mr. Thathamkulam uses professional standards of care, establishes professional and community standards for practice and regularity standards, and guidelines to evaluate programs and service activities. He formulates practice decisions based on Texas Board of Nurse Examiners (BNE) professional standards of care as well as utilizing evidence based Practice to provide guidance for staff on a daily basis to ensure that he and his staff are practicing within the scope of practice for registered nurses. Mr. Thathamkulam continues to provide excellent leadership in managing the Eye Clinics. He continuously evaluates the practices in Eye clinics as per Joint Commission Standards, VISN standards, ACC/AHA guidelines, director’s guidelines and identifies…show more content…
Thathamkulam is responsible for writing proficiencies for all the nursing personnel in the clinics. He continuously monitors all his staff training via TMS and makes sure that they are up-to-date with all their training in TMS, annual trainings and competency trainings. He schedules the staff for council/committee meetings, and trainings and provides them with protected time to attend the meetings and trainings. He developed new employee orientation packages and competencies for both Nurses and HTs in the Eye clinic. This has improved eye clinic staff performance and their confidence in patient care. Mr. Thathamkulam was instrumental in writing and renewing the SOPs for the eye clinic in conjunction with SPS department. Because of his efficient leadership and guidance, eye clinic met all the standards during the VISN surgical team survey which was done last month. He has taken leadership to develop new education competencies for his staff, which is required for the fiscal year 2016 in collaboration with the OCL educator and the Medical Center education department. Mr. Thathamkulam identified the need of a specialized pre-op template for the Eye Clinic, and is currently working with the Quality Management and IT department to develop a pre-op template for Eye clinic NP and surgeons to adhere with the Joint Commission standards and Medical Center standard. For example, a patient had scheduled for retina eye surgery, who has been taking Warfarin on daily basis. His Coumadin…show more content…
Mr. Thathamkulam uses professional standards of care such as ANA code of ethics, AAACN standard of care, BON- Nursing scope of practice during his professional care to the veteran and interaction with his peer groups and other staff in the facility. He always used EBP in his throughout practice and guided other staff to follow the EBP measures. In Telecare, Mr. Thathamkulam performed three chart audits every month and gave feedback to the nurses to improve the documentation and standardized care in the department. He consistently led the staff for standardized documentation and encouraged to complete their call handling and documentation time within 20 minutes and 92% of the staff complied with that process, which helped the unit to overcome the abandonment rate below 5% and average speed of answer below 30 seconds eventually. He also noted that there was not a standardized process for documentation of symptoms calls received by Telecare RNs; and documentation times were taking longer than 20 minutes, which was the maximum time frame allotted to complete a symptom call by the nurse in Telecare. In addition to this, each RN in Telecare was documenting differently as opposed to utilizing uniformed, structured, and standardized format for documentation, He created a standardization committee among Telecare staff and formulated the standard documentation, and obtained the approval from the

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