Mr. Page Alleges Case

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Mr. Page alleges that Mr. Muck aggressively drove towards him in the parking lot of the Troutdale ODOT facility and that, without awareness on his part, an accident could have happened. He summarized the incident in his written complaint as, “While I was parking in the morning, this person aggressively drove towards me in their big truck. I didn’t see them get so close to me and if I would have stopped they would have hit my car. When I started parking employee was just entering the parking lot.” Further, Mr. Page indicated that, “it was early and dark” when the incident occurred. Upon interviewing Mr. Page he stated that the event occurred around 5:50 am on October 14, 2015 and that there were no inclement weather conditions that he recalled, other than it being dark outside at that time. Further, he states when the incident occurred there were no witnesses in the parking lot; however, there were other cars already parked in various spots throughout the facility. Mr. Page believes the entire incident, from start to finish, transpired in 10-seconds or less. Mr. Page state...

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