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When I walked onto the campus of the local community college for the first time there was a since of calm and peacefulness. The grounds were well maintained; the crystal clear windows of the buildings reflected the sun like mirrors. Every aspect of the campus was new and inviting. The students walked to and from their various destinations in a leisurely manor; indeed, it was a far cry from the fast – paced atmospheres of many four year colleges and universities. I stood in place and took in my surroundings. I had no idea of the nightmare that was in store; my academic experience would be sheer turmoil.

As I walked toward the Governor’s Building nothing appeared out of the ordinary. I entered the main lobby doors and headed for the elevator, my destination, classroom 230. I continued down a hallway filled with students; I made a right turn and entered the room. I turned on the lights and took a look around. Classroom 230 was uninviting and in disarray. The tables were lined against the walls and the chairs were scattered about the room. The lighting was dim and the temperature felt like a 30 below winter night. On the whiteboard there appeared to be hieroglyphical scribbling etched in faded black marker. The only window in the entire room was viewless.

I took a seat and other students began to enter the room. We chat among ourselves and wait for the instructor, Mr. Kappa, to arrive. Although we appeared to be a very diverse group, we all had one unified expectation for the course. It was unanimous; we all wanted this experience to go smoothly and be over quickly. In addition, it would help if the instructor had a positive attitude and did not make the class too difficult. Most students dread the instructor that prides him or ...

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...t to answer his questions. Our answers were not quite right and he encouraged us to keep trying. After several attempts, I ask Mr. Kappa to give his own example of a narrowed and focus topic sentence for the paragraph. He replied, “No”. I asked again. Before I completed my sentence Mr. Kappa banged on the podium and yelled, “I will not give you the answers; you want me to give you the answers!” I sat in my chair defeated. I had nothing left to say.

I slouched down in my seat with my arms folded and stared at Mr. Kappa in disbelief. I sat and listened to the class read more paragraphs and the students attempted to answer more questions. My mind started to wonder. I thought perhaps the fast-paced atmosphere of a four year college would not be too bad after all. What could be worse than this? I am frustrated, upset and at a lost for words – someone please wake me!
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