Mr. Foer's How Soccer Explains The World

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Book Review Football or as we like to call it in the United States, soccer, is the world’s most popular sport yet Americans do not seem to understand the effect the game really has. America has recently picked up the soccer craze that has infatuated the world for the past 150 years, and beginning to see the grasp it has. Throughout the world except for the United States, soccer or football is seen as more than just a game it is viewed as a religion that ties and frays people to one another. Franklin Foer, author of How Soccer Explains the World, attempts to show Americans how strong the force of soccer truly is. Mr. Foer makes claims that soccer is not just a game rather it is a means of globalization, connecting people from all across the world into this universal ideal. He argues that the globalization that takes place can be a positive but also a negative in some other cases. Throughout the books Mr. Foer discusses the micro-level interactions that take place, and the macro-level impacts that these interactions have. To start, the main contentions that Mr. Foer has for How Soccer Explains the World is that globalization can have positive effects but also negative effects as well. An example …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how mr. foer uses independent case studies to get his point across on how soccer or football globalizes us.
  • Analyzes how corruption and a seek for foreign support had left the soccer industry and the rest of the country crippled. pele globalized and went to the united states and examined their business models.
  • Analyzes foer's argument about hooliganism throughout the world of soccer, which shows how devoted the fans are to the sport and will go through any lengths to maintain their fandom.
  • Analyzes how foer's book, how soccer explains the world, was a crash course to understanding the world of soccer or football and the impact that it has.
  • Analyzes how franklin foer, author of how soccer explains the world, argues that globalization can have positive and negative effects.

Foer’s book, How Soccer Explains the World was a good example of a crash course to understanding the world of soccer or football and the impact that it has. Showing the gritty facts of hooliganism throughout the world, to show how corruption is a major problem in key areas of the world that are struggling. While also showing a more positive side in being a force of rebellion during a time of oppression and resiliency. Also showing that even though United States is not a major hub for soccer that our business plans and models are ones to be followed in a capitalist society as explained by Pele. It is important to realize how close this world has become through soccer and the fans and their ability to show that no borders can change their love for the

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