Mr Brooks Character Analysis

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The main character of Mr. Brooks is nothing short of a self-made man with a loving family and a productive business. However, not everything is what it seems. Mr. Brooks has a constant urge to kill. Like most real life serial killers, Mr. Brooks has a charming personality on the outside but a twisted brain on the inside. Every single action he took was thoughtfully played out, as if he were acting in a stage play with no chances of failure. Many psychopaths portray a high IQ and intelligence just like Mr. Brooks had. However, Mr. Brooks was not a psychopath. Deep down inside, he still harvested a strong familial love for his wife and daughter, and understood the mental and physical consequences of his actions. Instead, Mr. Brooks is the type of character that cannot be explained with just one theoretic analysis. The story illustrates that Mr. Brooks was a psychotic suffering from schizophrenia and that somehow his urge to kill could be passed down by generations. With this outline the…show more content…
Brook’s daughter was interrogated by the FBI for the murder of another fellow college student. Mr. Brooks himself concluded that his daughter did indeed kill the other student, and that she somehow inherited his killing instincts. His daughter was a portrayal of a biological theory- specifically the heredity theory. Research done in 2003 concludes that “genetic influences were extremely powerful determinants of antisocial behavior across diverse social settings...” (Criminology; p.51). Mr. Brooks having a hitch that his daughter “has what he has” may be right. What this also concludes to is that both of them have very low self-control. However, in the end, Mr. Brooks was able to think his way out of the situation he created for himself as a serial killer, while his daughter almost went to jail. It is unclear what becomes of Mr. Brooks and his relationship with his daughter, but what is clear is that both of them are dysfunctional and are silently deviant towards
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