Mr. Blake’s views on Upon Westminster Bridge

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Mr. Blake’s views on Upon Westminster Bridge

I read Mr Wordsworth’s poem. I was dismayed by his views on London. I

was horrified when I read the first line. “Earth has not anything to

show more fair,” I believed he would have experienced beautiful views

since he was brought up in the Lake District. He obviously has not

seen London in 1794. I have lived in London for many years of my life.

I have seen people in poverty from the poorest parts of London to

people in mansions the richest places. One day I was walking through

the streets of London and it sprung upon me to write a poem. This is

my view on the real London. I opened the poem with the line “I wonder

through each chartered street”

I used this word wandered to make it seem as if I was freely roaming

the streets not knowing where I was or where I was going. As if I was

lost down the back streets of London. Chartered street carry’s the

mark of changed and revolutionised London. All the streets seemed dull

and grim and had something mysterious about them.

My second line was on the same theme as the first line first from it

id talking about the Thames!

“Near where the chartered Thames does flow,” in the first draft of

this poem I wrote dirty Thames instead of “chartered Thames.” I

changed because I felt that it would have more effect. Everywhere is

dirty in London, but I am trying to say that everywhere is dull and

grim; also as you are walking through the streets it is like deja vu.

One of the most distinct things about London is how the people look

and feel. My next two lines are,

“And mark in every face I meet marks of weakness marks of woe”

As l walked though the streets I could see no one was smiling. I

actually felt sorry for some people. Nearly every person I met looked

ill or suffered from malnutrition due to over working, low income, no

food and poor living space. I used this stanza to emphasize my views

and to make it sound more obvious, to paint a picture in the readers


“In every cry of everyman “ this next stanza is very strong and

meaningful. A crying man is not often heard. Unless he is under real

distress. Suffering is a very big theme in the street of London

everywhere you walk you can see it in the stanza, I started the first

three lines with “in every” to emphasize my point.
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