Moy Dick And The Whiteness Of Moby Dick

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Today for my presentation I’ll be discussing the color white, more specifically the whiteness of Moby Dick himself, and it’s significance in the novel. The color white takes on a multitude of symbolic meanings in the history of literature (both oral and written), religion, nature and cultural practices. I think it’s interesting how all of those associations tie into the representation of Moby Dick the whale and how he’s perceived not only by the readers, but how he’s perceived to multiple members of the Pequod II. Body A. Whiteness/Moby Dick from Captain Ahab’s POV - In class we’ve talked about Moby Dick representing a higher power of some sort or even God himself to Captain Ahab. - God, usually depicted in and heavily associated with the color White. (White beard, white robe, white clouds, bright white light - Along with that comes the association of goodness. He’s normally talked about as this Holy and Righteous being - It’s so strange that while Captain Ahab places a God like importance on the Whale, he isn’t associated with typical positive image of God for Captain Ahab - In ch...

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