Moving Towards a Green Supply Chain Management

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Nowadays environmental awareness is growing in the minds of each and every individual in the world. People are aware of the world’s environmental issues such as global warming, toxic substance usage, and inadequate resources. Governments are taking many proactive measures like campaigns to promote this problem to everyone in the world. Several businesses responded to this by applying green principles to their company, such as using environmental friendly raw material, reducing the usage of petroleum power, and using the recycle papers for packaging and so on. Green supply chain management is one of the emerging technologies in the last few years which concentrates on and environment friendly way of manufacturing products from first to last stage of its life cycle i.e., from product design to recycle. This short paper is about the implementation of this GREEN supply chain management and its impact in the environment for the well being of all human beings.

Supply chain managers’ ignorance:

The reality is that often times managers are given with information that overlook or misappropriate the financial consequences of taking into account the impact of environment in their decision making. Most managers do not know that going green in other words means to reduce the waste disposal and zero out the training cost, paying less on environmental-permitting fees, and reduced materials costs. Thinking over about the value chain activities of the company purchasing, planning, and managing the use of materials to shipping and distributing the final products in an environment friendly perspective leads to savings. In spite of all these environmental performance is too often forgotten by supply-chain managers.

What Supply Cha...

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...d new business operations. Adding green activities to supply chain management means building up the relationship between business and natural environment. Nowadays environmental protection has become part of all business processes which has made green SCM more successful. Now it is the responsibility of every business to sustain itself in an eco friendly manner and be environment friendly and concerned along with making profits because business can sustain only if the environment does!

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