Moving Forward

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“Holy crap!” Shizuka exclaimed. “She’s going all Star Platinum on him!”

“You…” The Tieren slashed at the Daughtress, but the Gunpla quickly blocked the attack with its damaged forearm and, like I expected, it shattered completely when the glowing blade made contact with the plastic. The female Fighter just shrugged it off like it was nothing and continued turning the tables on her opponent. She pulled out one of her beam sabers with her remaining arm and quickly severed the arm holding the heavy sword. “You…you…” The Tieren’s beam bayonet was still active and so it tried to stab the Daughtress’ face in retaliation for crippling it, but the female Fighter twirled her beam saber like a marching band baton and cut the beam rifle in half with a downward slashing attack before the Tieren’s blade could reach its intended target. She then stabbed the Tieren’s remaining arm and slowly twisted the handle of the blade while smiling sadistically.

“I’m getting really hungry here, so let’s finish this up.” She said calmly and violently pulled the blade out so she can raise it again. She then b...

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