Moving Away From Home

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Move-in day is always remembered as one of the most frenetic and nerve-racking events in a freshman's year. Take into account the lack of space or time for everything that must be purchased, assembled or hung which makes the task that much more annoying. Now think how much harder the day turn out to be when three people are anticipated to fit into a room planned for two. Within a forced triple or what some call a “enhanced double” there contains everything an ordinary double dorm has. The additions in a triple are an extra desk, a wardrobe to serve as a closet, and an added upper bunk bed. "They pack us in like hamsters and do not care if we have space to move or live, just as long as we have a room with a bed," said Jill Torigian, a junior majoring in pre-med (Wojcicki). One of the more exciting parts of moving away from home and going to college is the anticipations to live in the dormitories. Living amongst your new peers is a thrilling experience for freshman. Many former and current students would agree that living in the dorms their freshman year was a memorable part of their ...
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