Movies with Unknown Heroes, Shane and Pale Rider

Shane (1953) and Pale rider (1985) are both movies of unknown heroes. Once gun slinger who have changed their life for the better. Traveling from town to town just helping whoever they come in contact with. Both men helping these communities accomplishing all they have ever wanted to, but without these men they might not have ever stood up to their problems.
Both Shane and the Preacher are unknown men who just walk into the main characters life's and making their presence know in the very beginning of the movies. Preacher appears a little into the movie just after Hull and his community have been devastated from the gunmen destroying their homes and animals. Due to this damage hull goes to land to get supplies after getting his supplies he is approached by four men taunting and teasing him. Hull being the bigger men ignores these men and goes on about his business. Then all the sudden the music and lighting changes and you see a man with a white horse sitting across the way watching Hull and these men. The 4 men then beat Hull and just as they begin to light his match to burn all Hull's goods. The Preacher then throws a bucket of water on the man and says "you shouldn't play with matches." comes up and fights for Hull Taking down all 4 men one at a time and rides away. Standing up for Hull even when no other man would and honestly another man probably couldn't take down all four men alone. He was Strong and powerful and never scared. Hull follows this man who had just possibly saved his life and offers him a place to stay knowing the preacher couldn't stay in town because he had just beaten up four of Loads men.
Shane begins with Shane riding into an isolated valley. Then A young boy sees Shane approaching his home. He w...

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...d tells Shane and Joe to leave but they did win.
Both Shane and the Preacher stood up for their communities. They both denied the money and stayed on the right side no matter the offers Shane being offered a job to do what he was good at fight and have a lot of money doing it, and the preacher being offered his own church and being very wealthy. But they both said no in separate ways. Shane Fighting for freedom, taking down a number of Ryker's men with the help of his good friend Joe. The Preacher calmly standing up for his friends with no violence and no help.
Both of these men show how different they are from the people they are trying to help both calm, friendly, helpful, strong, fast, smart, and heroes. Both of these men are hiding their past of being "gunslingers", now trying to be good people helping whoever when ever needed.

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