Movies Have Too Much Hype

An enormous amount of movies are released each year filling the top spots in people’s hit list to watch causing the growth in the film industry to be even bigger each year, one topping the other each year. People watch these movies because of hype but in doing so, many greater movies are ignored and hardly watched; many movies don’t even have a worldwide release. Movies have too much hype set before them, usually after books, are called “overrated” How overrated are some movies? Many movies are very overrated and it dies down after the release when you watch that the movie isn’t as good as it was hyped. Finding Dory, Cars 2, and Monsters Universities are some examples, even if they are decent films; a lot of movies don’t live up to the hype and they aren’t on par with it causing a lot of harsh criticism but it’s mainly due to the audiences overdoing it. As I said before, Cars 2, Monsters Universities and Finding Dory will not live up to the hype and are easy targets to this. The first cars was released, it was considered a good film but not as good as the other ones that have came; nowadays, Walmarts and other stores have toys of cars from the movie from which they were inspired and they get a lot of buys especially around Christmas and birthdays. Cars got high ratings by critics which hyped a sequel to the film, Cars 2. Cars 2 had a misnomer with McQueen being the main character as advertised by posters for having him in the middle of them but it disappointed everyone who had watched the first cars as it had pretty much nothing to do with the first; it was considered a disgrace and people went full throttle to call it Pixar’s worst movie sequel. Pixar announced Monsters Universities was announced as a prequel to Monsters Inc as... ... middle of paper ... ...e about the movie with the Green Goblin and the Rhino- it’s not like those haven’t been done already, they’ve seen this all before but in a different ending this time. The same issue goes with the new Godzilla movie which only gave us a literal glimpse of his spine; the same situation with hype is occurring and all of the older Godzilla movies never turned out good. The issue in franchises grows after each movie while just one film (whether first or second) occurs when announcements or pictures occur. Just the talk of an upcoming movie such as Avengers 2 will hype the movie; it even happens on television but for each season. (The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Lost, et cetera) In conclusion, it occurs mostly in movies but the amount of movies released are having too much hype disappointing many and will continue to do so while the better ones are being overshadowed.
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