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Many films are criticized to be way different from the book and therefore not as good. The movie Of Mice and Men, however, is very well done and very similar to the book. In this movie were elements that created mood and atmosphere, elements that made the movie good, and elements/ things that could have been improved in order to reflect the novel better. The film Of Mice and Men used many technical elements to establish the mood and atmosphere of the film. The three main elements used to establish mood and atmosphere were lighting, sets, and music. In the film, lighting is used very strategically to differentiate between the good and bad scenes, as did the novel. For example, when Lennie is shot by George, it is a dark scene which creates a mood because a person’s mind naturally knows that dark is bad and light is good. Therefore, by using dark lighting in the scenes where bad actions are committed, the persons mind makes them feel a certain way. Secondly, the sets were used to create mood and atmosphere. In the movie, sets were used to create mood and atmosphere by the way they were set up. For instance, the bunkhouse created a sympathetic mood because it shows how hard the men have it and makes the viewer feel bad about the life they are living. Furthermore, the music, one of the biggest components of creating mood, is used very well throughout the movie. Music is used to create mood because music can very easily change a person’s state of mind. For instance, when George is going to kill Lennie, the music switched to a depressing sound, in order to trigger one’s mind that it is a sad scene; therefore creating a mood. The movie did many things really well, such as the sets, the plot line, and the scenes they changed. The directo... ... middle of paper ... ...othing. However, in the movie their clothes portrayed a sense of stable income as their clothes looked new. Also, the actors played the characters well, however, they could’ve showed the relationships between the characters better. Steinbeck focused on the characters relationships because he used them to compare and contrast, but in the movie, the relationships were not well shown, such as the relationship of Slim and George. Although the movie had some elements that can been improved, Of Mice and Men is still a great movie because it depicts the novel very well. The movie had elements that created mood and atmosphere, elements that made it a good movie, and elements that could have been used better to reflect the novel in a better way. However, the movie is very good representation of the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. Works Cited Of Mice and Men
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