Movie Thought on Bushido

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Movie Thought on Bushido

My thought for this movie was very baffling and lost. I had no concept of what was happening throughout the movie. Even though it delivered an eloquent message to everyone, especially to men. The men in the movie were manifested as a greedy and selfish creatures. They were nothing but a delusional who were craving for their dreams to seek rich and fames. It took place relatively during the war torn period, where arrogant group of soldiers was terrorizing one village to another to abduct men for military purposes. However, the soldiers were not there just to abduct men, but to abused their status as a soldier toward the helpless villagers. When that happened, the ceramic wives were begging their husbands to run for the lives for the stake of their family's safety. They failed to do so when their husband became egocentric because the emphasis of ceramics, they must take it. Believing if they could bring the ceramics to the city, they could make a huge profit. Without hesitation, the wives followed their husbands' orders. It was fortunate that the families made it out alive and started their journeyed to the nearest city.

The moment they were about to arrive to the city, the husband told his wife to run and hide for at least ten days in the wilderness. Without realizing the safety for his wife, this is another great depiction of egocentric and greediness that subdued him. His egocentric had cause his wife to come upon multiple obstacles along with their son as well. But, what get worse was when he fell head over heel to the princess. One glance at her had him infatuated with the beauty of her status, and manners. As the result of being infatuated had cause him to skipped the second t...

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...hat the city prepared them. All the misfortunate things that happened had taught them the most valuable lesson. It ended the movie tragically as the husband lost his wife, while the other couple tried to redeem their dignity and love. The women knew what they wanted and tried to keep their life simple. But the men were far more incapable, and have to learn the complicated ways. They learned to appreciate what they have and not seek any more to satisfy themselves any further. The movie also emphasized on avoiding egocentricity and be more considerate of others. If they could learned to avoid from repeating their mistakes, it will lead their life simpler and happy. However, they would not be able to live happily due to their mistakes they have done. Their life had been already overwhelmed by remaining repentance and to remembered their mistakes by hard ways.

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