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Movie Script i) Script Scene starts out when the two soldiers bring Arthur to the interrogation room. Light greyish walls, two tables arranged like a "T" in the middle, two fluorescent lights on the other side of the table where the to two interrogators are sitting, big bright light on Arthur's side of the table and one very uncomfortable rough seat for Arthur. Big picture of Lenin behind the interrogators, flag of the USSR in the left corner, and two big pot plants on each side of the walls around the room. Cast · Soldiers x2 · Arthur · Cpt. Kouznetzov "CK" · Col. Brutnikoff "CB" · KGB Director of Arthur's country "KGBD" · Principal Soldier 1: (comes in with Arthur, and salutes Col Brutnikoff handing him a report about Arthur and his whereabouts etc….) We found him trying to sneak into one of the consulates on Leninsky Cr. Luckily we found him just in time. He didn't resist, but he is completely against our Supreme Soviet system. Arthur sits down without any permission Arthur: (sarcastically) nothing personal CK: get up and face Col. Brutnikoff Arthur stands up and faces C.B. CB: I don't care where you are from, all I want to know is, who are you? Arthur: My name is Arthur Ardzruny, according to your laws. But my actual name is Arthur Birmingham according to my ORIGINAL birth certificate. CB: Did you kill anyone? Arthur: No. I came to see the consulate CB: Could you explain to us, how come you don't carry any documents? Where is your Komsomol card or your passport? Arthur: I don't have any of them. I never became a Pioneer or a Komsomol or have a passport for that matter. CK: Tell us the name of the school you're supposed to be in. Arthur: Tellman Secondary School. I have all the phone n... ... middle of paper ... ... I do see you I'm going to do what I should of done a long time ago! Arthur: Sir, are you going to offer me a nice warm bed? It's very cold here Principal: (starting to go mad) Mr. Brutnikoff!! Whatever you believe in STOP HIM!!! Stop this disaster. CB: I'm warning you about the consequences of your words Arthur. Arthur: (to Brutnikoff) I want them to call me by my real surname not Ardzruny, which comes from my grandfather's side Principal: You see, you see, this is what I said this is what I mean. You heard what he said. CB: Just calm down, calm down. There is no need to go completely mad over such a thing. Conversation concludes in private. When he finishes… CB: You'll be here for a while yet. And you'll have lots of time to decide who you want to be. Ardzruny or some Birmingham. Take him out of my site he disgusts me…. Playing a foreigner.

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