Movie Review : The Snow White

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Movies with a Twist Have you ever sat and thought deeper into a Television Show that you watched when you were a child? You probably weren’t able to understand it or see the bigger meaning behind it due to being a child and not having the most developed brain, however, have you ever taken the time out to rewatch those childhood movies or shows to create a new evaluation of it? See companies like Pixar and Disney doesn’t make movies just for comedy or fright. Majority of the stories they tell in their movies give kids a deeper meaning in a child friendly way and that is what makes these companies still grow today. For example there are movies such as “Snow White” and “The Seven Dwarfs” that have a deeper meaning behind them that we don 't comprehend or notice as children. The Snow White story in which we are most familiar with is the evil queen being so arrogant and infatuated that she seeks to kill her competition which is Snow White. Snow White leaves her land to live in the woods with the seven dwarfs and to get away from the evil queen but later in the story she is poisoned by an ...
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